Energy Vampires


I decided I had to make this because every time I’ve ever researched I never really get exactly what I need in these explanations. 

Energy vampires, psychic vampires, emotional vampires… they mean exactly what the term you’re thinking in vampire, blood suckers. Not in the literal sense, they do not suck your blood, but they suck your energy and life force out of you. 

Energy vampires are everywhere, anyone who makes you feel drained after speaking with them, live in an ego filled world, negative and you can be in the best mood until you speak with them. For empathic people they are our arch nemesis, and we have to make a conscious effort to beware of people like this, who literally feed off our energy. Energy vampires often lack empathy, they think the whole world revolves around them and are much of the time narcissistic. They tend to be a bit immature when things don’t go their way and they are often the manipulators who make you feel bad for saying no. Before I continue, some are not consciously aware of what they’re doing, but in a lot of the cases, they know they use you, and your life force up. 

Much of the time, energy vampires mirror your personality back to you, they come off as very appealing people you’d want to be around. They are charming and attractive, mostly because they are mirroring exactly what you want someone to be. They don’t really have much of an emotional capacity or empathy. Eventually they use you up and use you to their advantage. 

Energy vampires literally get off on rocking your emotional state. If you are an often peaceful positive kind person, they LOVE to disrupt that and seek anger and frustration out of you. 

At this point, you’re probably thinking of at least 5 people you know off-hand that are like this and the hardest part is cutting them off. Like I said there are two types of energy vampires, ones that are aware of what they’re doing, and ones that are not. 

Intentional psychic vampires are extremely manipulative and need to know they have control over you. They may be someone who seeks gain from you, may bring you some news of someone else’s words against you to gain your friendship and manipulate so they may get what they want from you. They are the people who you meet who are just like you, and then become someone else, but they started off so nice and you cant understand why they’re doing what they’re doing or whats lead them to act this way. You want to help them, they use guilt to get what they want from you. They often have many sociopathic tendencies ( I will be making a youtube video on the empath and the sociopath in very strong detail) and have no regard for anyone but themselves. 

They are extremely argumentative. They love to argue, and complain. The glass is NEVER half full and the world is out to get them. The sky could be blue and they will argue that its green till death. They need to be right. They complain about everything, from tv to people, they exploit people and put them down. They are often still bullies long after high school. If you’re like me, these people make you extremely uncomfortable and it goes against everything you are as a peaceful positive person. They are extremely needy people, woe is always them, and nothing ever goes their way. They use the guilt to control tactic very much. They say they’re not good enough or they’re depressed to gain control of your emotions and drain you so your sky is now filled with them. 

They love to bring people down to their level, or bring other peoples vibration down. When you start your spiritual journey these people are like hot flames on your radar, you can feel when something isn’t right or a certain darkness around these people when you begin raising your vibrations. Empaths and positive people who seek the light and love stand out on theirs even more! You make them extremely uncomfortable. Negative people become nasty and angry, and very easily aggravated around light workers and positive people. They lighter you become the more people like this cant stand you. They cant stand your positive outlook and light energy, so they strive to bring you down to their vibrations! They need to challenge you and rock your positive boat in hopes they may cause a leak and you’ll sink. They need to bring you down to a comforting level which suits them. They tend to see the world negatively and bring forth complaints as conversation starters. This is so that they can start to drain you of your energy and draw from your positive reactions and solution Much times in relationships, you’ll hear of people who meet these people and they feel they’ve met the most amazing person. The sad truth is most empathic energy sensitive people attract these people, and they’re mirroring their personality to get you in. Then they change and you cant understand why. It’s because like the moth to the flame, they were attracted to your light and they needed to put it out. When they cannot win, or they did is when you’ll suddenly break up and cant understand it. Its happens all the time to people like this and its very sad which is why its so important to become aware!!! The more filled with light you become, the more people will either dislike you for no reason, or you’ll attract these people. Negative people cannot stand to be around us. Energy vampires cannot change, they cant be fixed. They often target people like us to manipulate them into “fixing” because empaths are the biggest fixer uppers there are! They know what they’re doing, they know how to rock your emotions and they want to break you. 

They are extremely deceiving! You may spend so much time helping them with things and helping them feel better and you can actually begin to feel like you are make some progress. They appear to feel better and you feel good that you’ve helped you gain a sense of hope. But you go back a few days later to see it was temporary and really did not work. When you were not around, they went right back to square one. They do not know how to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They don’t want to. Many times in friendship these are the people who suddenly become you over night and its quite frightening. They just love challenging everything you say and backwardly putting you down. I once had a friend put me down in front of people for being a vegetarian and making fun of me, and I promise I am not preachy or think I am better than anyone else. But in that energy vampires brain, it made me better. Its constant competition and put downs! Its toxic! 

Its a very sad realization when you realize your boyfriend or best friends may be energy vampires who are draining you, and if you’re like myself you feel awful having to disconnect from them or break up but sadly in order to protect you and your light you have to. It’s nothing personal, its just loving yourself enough to know it’s hurting you and all you’ve worked for as a person. 

Around here you’ve made some type of excuse in your head, finding flaw and some characteristics don’t match up. Its ok, you’ll get your signs soon enough and I promise I’ve been there more times than I can count and I promise you will be ok.

Want your sign? Tell them no. Disagree with what they say and tell them no. You’ll see who they really are! 

If you have an energy sucker in your life, picture your energy cords to this person cutting, and shield yourself in white light. We all have etheric cords connected to people in our life and energy vampires feed off them like a fetus. Sever them in meditation. Rule number one in this universe, NO ONE OR ANYTHING MAY CROSS YOUR FREE WILL! It’s up to you to be a pushover and doormat to energy vampires, you must make boundaries stand in your power and know who you are and what is healthy for you. You wouldn’t eat poison every day just because it seems harmless and its in a nice bottle right? NO thats exactly what this is like. Cut your cords, stand in your truth and make healthy changes! 

People either uplift us or they don’t and its up to you to know which is which and change your life. But remember, at a certain point in dealing w people like this and wondering why they always come into your life, you are keeping them there. You now know you’re a magnet, so it’s up to you to detach. In a way if you’re a true blood fan, think of sookie, with her white light fairy shit, and vampires lure to her to suck her blood because its filled with this amazing light, they themselves cant create. The fictional story, is symbolically real. If you don’t feel good around someone or you notice any of these signs, don’t doubt it, cut the cords, shield yourself in white light and demand your energy space. 

Love light and much blessings to everyone!

Alex march