Solar Plex Chakra; Metaphysical Metabolism


An intuitive look into metabolism. Why the body can’t lose fat, why some emotional issues cannot be targeted by just you and deeper healing needs to be done.

Metabolism is a metaphysical block- of the time line of almost irreversible emotional trauma thats now manifested too deep to be easily removed. It is so deep and the perception is now who we believe we are and feed it with every low vibe cell, thought and intention. Some lessons continue to repeat because our bodies cells cannot let go of what they believe they are because of the past traumas and damage so it keeps asking for it over and over because it believes it deserves pain. To break free and fight through is when you face your dark side awareness. Metabolism means your emotional energy is blocked and can’t try to help you mentally anymore, so its had to find other ways to protect you because its accepted defeat.

For example, cravings. When we crave low vibe food its to help suppress emotional issues our body needs to avoid. Our body cannot lose fat that is our tormented cells protecting us, and our soul. Its trying to keep us from losing our minds. High vibrational foods help to purge deep emotional issues, so many people believe their body can’t go vegan, but veganism just unravels emotional issues we’ve forgotten and the body is now having positive reinforcement to release them. Craving dairy and meat is death and suffering, the body thinks it heal it or it feels better, but its truly just suppressing the issue deeper to comfort someones unknowing ability to heal. It digs the wound deeper, which eventually creates the disease. High vibe foods or a vegan diet can make you dizzy and get headaches, and that my friends is dark energy leaving. Parasites feed on dark energy, and when they’re losing power and dark energy and emotional trauma is leaving your body you’ll feel sick, because well, you’re purging so deeply. Look at what you crave in all aspects of your life and what is it telling you?

Through working on myself, and working on others I’ve learned so much about every chakra, the hidden things like a past life soul chard sitting in the center of the chakra and needing to be freed to transmute. Akashic work over the years has been my accidental guiding light to understanding it all. I never knew my hypochondria would be the guiding light for me to understand any of this work. I look at myself and the fact I LIVED on dairy for years, and dairy in a G rated level is rape, infection and the death of babies. When we eat dairy, were destroying our sacral chakra, solar plex chakra and breast tissue. We’re taking in the suffering energy of mama cows losing the baby and being raped. The reason we crave cheese and dairy is because it has something called casein in it. Mothers milk naturally has an opiate life effect in it, which creates us to feel high and disillusion our trauma. The casein today, is the synthetic opiates deeper put inside dairy so it’s like a heroin addiction. Truly, I had to do a major detox, and after that so many emotional issues I never wanted to face came to light and I was able to evolve and heal. I felt like I was a fucking drug addict 99% of my life and just finally saw day for the first time. Don’t get me wrong I will go to town on fried vegan food, but I know why I’m doing it, and its normally when I’m super stressed and I know I’m not dealing with something.

No matter what diet we have, how much we work out, sometimes we just cannot lose the weight, and its all a metaphysical trigger of emotions we have not allowed ourselves to deal with. Some issues like I said, the body HIDES so deeply and must manifest as fat to protect us. We are made of energy, which cannot be created nor be destroyed it can only move or release. Every fiber of our body, every cell in our body is emitting frequency, and when we don’t deal with our trauma, we have to continue lessons, and constantly attract the very core issue we had to us from our solar plex. My honest suggestion, one week eat only vegan, and 100% order organic olives parasite cleanse which ill speak further about on the next one. We are the only one who can save us, our will to fight, our thrive to heal. Going to the start of our lives, and lives before, finding why we perceive things a certain way, and why are we in a victim mentality. Fear is a liar, and I promise, you can heal.

Our body is begging for us to heal, its begging for us to release things, and not have it manifest as unhealthy fat and disease and sickness. Our cellular memory needs us to stand up for it, and say no more, I need to understand the x,y,z.

For about 5 years when I began reiki, I somehow got this debilitating fear I had aids. I saw it everywhere, and I KNEW I DIDN’T, but the fear was so overwhelming I didn’t know what to do. My recent release, the biggest one to date for me, was realizing why. I overcame the fear, and recently the word came up again, and I thought it was my guides and angels saying have you released this yet. I realized when I saw the word, it made my gut move. I knew it was still there. After accidentally realizing I had intestinal parasites that fed on dark unresolved issues, I started to cleanse and Olivia had my back in helping me. The more that was lost, the more issues were uncovered, and I realized in my gut, in the stubborn fat on my stomach which confused me, it was in this dark energy SO MANIFESTED from 12 years old and a sexual assault trauma. I never told anyone, and it manifested so deep my perception somehow from sex was that it was dirty. My body feared getting aids because aids is the direct manifest of sex being dirty. I created a debilitating fear that robbed me of life for years while trying to combat it and read and heal and learn, because I didn’t deal with an emotional issue I had no idea I had. I forgot this happened, until, I did the cleanse, and the dug down dark energy left. Sometimes we have to be so proactive with ourselves, and realize we have to face the ugly we don’t. When we believe we’ve overcome something, we realize we didn’t. We got this!

Alex march