Souls Death & Rebirth Through Chaos

As a practicing psychic medium and spiritual empathic therapist I deal with many issues within people. I have felt my life has always been my greatest teacher throughout it all and I’ve endured great pain to be able to teach and help others. In 2012, it was the beginning of a beautiful end for me. It was the end of my reiki journey to mastership, yet the beginning of the real journey towards my own death. As a natural born psychic medium, life was never really a mystery, however I had never been comfortable in my own skin feeling so completely different from other people. I never chose myself and I hid in silence of my gifts out of fear of others judgment.

As I’ve encountered in most peoples journeys, in the healers vision I have, most people have completely destroyed solar plex chakras, which is their intuition and also their throat chakras because they don’t speak up for themselves.

I have found much through personal experience and many readings and healings I’ve done especially for spiritually based people, empaths, psychics ect… one thing is always in common, spiritual awakening through death. The death factor is generally ALWAYS an abusive relationship. The empath with normally always wind up with a narcissist or sociopathic partner. I myself, in 2012, was within a narcissistic sociopath relationship, and what that relationship did was kill me. A narcissistic sociopath relationship is a toxic unhealthy relationship with someone who has no feeling other than power control and abuse. They manipulate people to get everything they want and use people to their own benefit for personal gain and others perception of them. They do not take responsibility for themselves and you, or someone else will always be to blame. They will drag you through the mud and leave you not even remembering who you ever were. This feels like a curse, but I promise this is beauty.

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Many people don’t understand why they land in these toxic abusive relationships. They can’t understand why they’ve found someone so evil or mean to have spent a certain time of their life with. They get mad and think that there is something wrong with them, when actually there is nothing wrong with you, this was MEANT to happen within your life. Your soul in time before body predestined this experience, not to become who you’re meant to be, but to REMEMBER who you’re meant to be. You have never lost your souls place in this world, but the only way to remember who we really are in this lifetime is through chaos, tragedy and pain. You have successfully endured your souls death awakening to ensure you can truly awaken to who you REALLY are, and not who life has made you think you are.

The giant plot twist happens after these chaotic relationships are over. You’re left in a place of having no idea who you are anymore. You feel lost and like you’re questioning everyone thats ever been in your entire life. “how could he abuse me?” “what was wrong with me” “why couldn’t he just love me I did everything I could” however, you needed this spiritual suicide. These relationships never let you be who you actually are, and for so long you’ve listened to someone tell you who you’ve needed to be. You feel so dead after these relationships are over, you have no idea who you are. You feel like a blank body. You have no idea how to even identify your own name with yourself. Everything is foggy and a giant daze of nightmare, however, this is your soul leaving behind who it once was. The person who attracted these things, the person who never spoke up, the person who did not put themselves first.

For a while its hard to find your balance, but for the most part, you’re finally finding YOU. You may find yourself seeking reiki, going to a spiritual advisor, taking risks, doing spiritually driven things you never thought you’d be doing because it didn’t seem right, but in your souls death its had its true spiritual awakening and you’re becoming and REMEMBERING who you’ve always been you’ve just needed this soul guided karmic kick in the ass to become this person. Every time I read someone, and these relationships come up, which is almost always, I smile, because there is nothing more beautiful than someone about to undergo the soul retrieval process and heal themselves so they can help heal this world. There is nothing more amazing than someone awakening to who they WANT to be, and not who this world has painted them to be.

These horrible awful relationships are meant to happen, and we have guided them because they are meant for us. They are our soul mates. Soul mates are anyone who comes into our life to induce profound spiritual growth.

soulmates explained

Our soul has constructed our demise long before we even had a choice. The way to cleanse and clear these horrific relationships is to do complete alchemy towards them. Rather than spewing hate, and feeling resentful and keep yourself in a victim mentality, look really deep into who you are now from it. Dive into what this horrible person gave you, because no one else could give you the freedom to now speak your truth as clear as you do, and be as driven to only accept things for your highest good. This person has been the greatest gift in the world for you and your soul whether you see it now or not. This person was never your real love, but they were the catalyst to YOUR self love. That is a beautiful thing.

Remember, the greater the pain and chaos, the greater the soul mission we have in this lifetime. Nothing will break us unless we let it. In this special time on this earth and spiritual awakening more people are incarnating with their twin flames than ever before. This world is changing, and it’s us, the empaths, the energy sensitive, the healers and psychics, those who 100 years ago would’ve been hung… we are getting it right in this lifetime. We must awake to the divine warrior inside us all.

Ps the greatest healers and energy sensitives I’ve ever known, have battled their sociopathic relationship and its saved them, as it did me. Trauma is our truest teacher, and its completely fucking magical.

Love and light.

Alex march