Thank you for your interest in me. Since a child my communication with spirit and the human body is something i could never explain. I am the messenger of our departed loved ones on a savant above functioning level, as well as a medical intuitive diagnostic and quantum healer.As a physical empath and medical intuitive i can physically feel and sense everything happening inside your body and the emotional trauma its stemming from. I can feel everything happening in your life, soul and path thats haunting your progression. I can communicate with those in comas or hospice like situations and give the messages to their families they need. Ive been a reiki master teacher since 2011 and also do animal reiki and communication. My path has been taught by spirit, to bridge the emotional trauma to ones physical body to release their pain. I am somebody who believes in a better future for those incarnating on earth at this current time, I believe there is a new wave of healers that are bred from trauma, conquer their darkest and the darkness the world has brought them in order to awaken and will be the new earth angels to resurrect our earth out of the dark times and into the new slate of earths karmic freedom. I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves yet, and i use my own personal battles as a light for those who cannot fight their match yet. I am a living spirit guide to all who work with me. Welcome.