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Born Alexandra March, in Staten Island, New York on August 31 1988 – Alex is a healer beyond imagination. Alex’s energy is 20 feet tall and carries an entire room, she is felt before seen. Alex is an evidential medium, physical and emotion empath, medical intuitive, reiki master-teacher and can read anything about your life past, present and future path. Her relationship with spirit began around age 4 when a woman would come into her bedroom and talk to her and tell her about herbs to put in a bowl if she didn’t feel good. As she grew up shed talk to more and more things that no one else could see. Around age 12 things started taunting her at night which forced her into sleepless nights of fear and terror. On top of this she began feeling what others were thinking and feeling. It wasn’t until many years later surviving a toxic upbringing, severe bullying and humiliation, sexual assault and abusive relationships did she find her voice and true path. 

At 17 years old Alex was in an accident that left her with a severe concussion and labeled vegetable like state, It was a true near death experience that Alex doesn’t remember a singe thing from except seeing an angel. Alex says she crossed over to the other side and an angel stood in front of her that said, “go back my child with great power comes great responsibility”. She woke up completely healed a few days later and was seen as what they call a “miracle”. From that point forward Alex describes her life as a special kind of hell, one where she looked at people and couldn’t see faces anymore and just feel their emotions, thoughts and physical pain. Spirit was becoming louder and she couldn’t control anything that was happening. She was afraid to leave bed most days because she felt everyones anxiety so badly and her body was in constant pain. 

Around 19 she began tattooing under her mentor who was a practicing buddhist, he explained to her she was a medium and from that point forward after his departed loved one came through she started accidentally reading people. She would be tattooing someone and begin just telling them things she didn’t recollect coming out of her mouth and it was words these people needed to hear. A continuous theme in Alex’s life has been men bullying her or doing really hurtful things to her and Alex’s relationship with this tattoo chapter had ended, she bounced around shop to shop for a few years coming and never revealed what she was to people, still with crippling anxiety and feeling inside of everyone. She landed at one shop around 22 where the anxiety was so crippling she couldn’t eat for days on end. She would be able to feel what words were being said inside the walls, know what people were thinking and feel physical pain more severe than ever before. 

She had a dog around this time period named Connor who was the love of her life, Connor was severely hurt and she would lay down with him at night, she felt inside of her head to lay her hands on his back pain and take it in. She had no idea what she was doing but just knew in her soul that she could use her hands to help him. He later had to be put to sleep due to cancer but after that night he was able to walk again and she couldn’t even believe it. She was becoming an increasingly worse hypochondriac that displayed physical symptoms of diseases but did not actually have this disease. It was all getting worse and worse and she couldn’t help herself. This time period she explains she desperately pleaded with god, or a universe to help her. She had hope somehow, but also asked her father to put her in a psychiatric ward or to be heavily medicated if she couldn’t get better.  She googled the search “ I can hear inside peoples heads” and from there found the word ‘EMPATH’. It described her entirely and she felt the smallest but largest bit of peace that she wasn’t alone. 

A month later a woman approached her mother and told her a large black dog that passed was around her, she explained she was a pet medium and a dog with a C name was coming through, Alex said she was at her shop about to leave and randomly burst into tears and couldn’t stop, her mother called her 5 minutes later after this random reading hysterical and Alex knew in that moment she felt HER, not her own feeling. She told Alex this woman said someone in her life needed her and gave her a card, Alex knew this was it. She called Tracey Korotky and left a voicemail about her life and fears, Tracey called back and said she was gonna send her reiki. Alex had NO idea what reiki was but believed in it heavy. Alex instantly felt peace in her body. She couldn’t believe how she felt and Tracey invited her over to learn reiki. Tracey had said to Alex in that time she’s never met someone so physically in tune with energy and doesn’t even need to be in the same space or state even. 




Alex learned reiki which saved her life. She had began doing readings on the side, she didn’t want anyone to know she was doing this because she didn’t want to be bullied even further and in this time period this was taboo stuff not as widely accepted and spoken about currently. She was used by word of mouth and nothing else. Later that year in 2012 was when everything changed. Alex met her ex fiancé that year who used tattooing and spirituality to draw her in. He was a well known tattooer and couldn’t get enough of her. She felt safe enough to share what she really was and he said he was like that too. That was the beginning of the worst year of hell she’s ever experienced. He is a narcissistic sociopath who abused her heavily, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, physically. She traveled the country with him tattooing at many conventions and after the abuse really got bad she couldn’t even tattoo anymore. He tried stealing her story saying he made her which did not sit well with her. After she could no longer take it she left and after abuse like that she describes herself as, “a lifeless body operating on autopilot”. She says what changed everything is when she laid on her floor and couldnt move, cursing the universe for doing this to her. She then heard the most LOUD voice say, “If you do not wish to live for yourself live for what you can do for others”. 

She got up the next day and answered her emails of readings. She was reading differently than she ever did before this time, she started using tattoos as symbols from spirit. She had an engagement tattoo for her fiancé on her ring finger which she began rubbing in a reading and as scared as ever of being wrong asked if the woman was in a sociopathic relationship. The woman cried hysterically and said “YES, I needed this validation so I can leave him”. Alex realized she now had a mission, to talk about these taboo relationships and help people heal the same way she healed herself. Alex’s

readings took different form in now seeing the emotional trauma in the bodies pain, intuitively feeling dis/ease, spirit physically using her body to show how they passed, and saying everything that person needs to hear to heal and evolve. Alex’s work is her entire life and she’s dedicated her entire life to it. She doesn’t just ‘read’ you, she helps you find your own superpowers and heal everything. Alex has helped women get pregnant who couldn’t by healing emotional trauma, reversed AI, gotten hundreds of people off anti anxiety medications as well as hundreds of women out of sociopathic relationships and healed them along the way. She helps people find their super power in their trauma all while having one of the greatest senses of humor I’ve ever seen. Her dark sense of humor really helps put you at ease even when crying about a horrible trauma. She makes you feel so special and seen, as a friend not as an authoritative figure. Alex makes healing feel good all while channeling your departed loved ones, finding the source of your anxiety and showing us the inner child is still very alive. She is a breath of fresh air in a world where depression seems to be a plague and talks about the taboo things no one talks about. She shows how spirituality needs anger and validation of all emotions and no more suppression. She is one of a kind and you will never meet anyone like her in your life. 

Alex can be found approaching strangers with messages from their departed loved ones in public, reading people in bathrooms and overall using her presence to help anyone that comes in her path. Alex is currently back tattooing a few times a month at Jersey Tattoo Co in Toms River, NJ. She is a third dan black belt in taekwondo, studied krav maga, muay thai and BJJ and is currently working towards her black belt in Hapkido. She has a large passion for animals and has done wildlife rehab and rescue her entire life. She resides in New Jersey but travels often.