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 Alex March has a dedicated clientele all over the world.

Alex reads women and men of all ages. Some of her past clients include: Davey Muise of Vanna, Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die, Kat Graham,  Ashley Osborn worldly known musical photographer: Brandon Saller of Atreyu, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte & many other of the music industry in which she grew up in. She's never cared about the status of a person and has turned down TV several times because her largest message is, "I don't want to be unavailable to the lady down the block whose husband died and she can't book a reading with the medium on tv because theres a 5 year waiting list, I am just a girl with a gift and its my job to make sure I use it."  What clients love most about Alex is how seemingly relatable she looks, her unique witty banter and her ability to crack a joke about anything. She says, "Being covered in tattoos shows I've been through something, and that girl who's 15 and on youtube with no hope in sight, comes across some tattooed jersey girl who isn't afraid to say screw it, and she sees her own pain in me, and knows feeling better is attainable." Alex creates bonds with who she helps, she's been described as "Raw", "empowering", "authentic", and a guiding light of no bullshit to the shift of this spiritual world and ascension". The beautiful part is, she really doesn't find herself any different than anyone else, she believes everyone puts their pants on the same way, and the guy who's homeless begging for change has more wisdom and kindness than your average person.

"The saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" was the first thing that came to my mind when I had finished my reading with the wildly gifted and wholehearted, Alex March. The realm of spirit has always fascinated me and I have experienced maybe a dozen or so readings in my life, and with those, I've had some hits and some serious misses, but nothing could have prepared me for the otherworldly reading I was so fortunate to have with Alex. The changes in my life over the past year had radically shifted everything I had once known or believed. The most significant event was watching my father leave the earthly plane. It was sudden and unexpected. His passing shook me to the core. I previously held a belief that there was a divine realm of energy where our loves one's reside, yet after his death, I found myself completely confused and unconvinced. The grief I experienced and what all of us experience when a loved one departs can be excruciating. People tell you it gets better with time, and I can agree with that, but I could not sit back and accept that time was the only thing that could assist in my healing. I sought answers and Alex delivered, going above and beyond. She dove right into our reading, explaining in detail how she works. We all find ourselves saying from time to time, "I can't believe it!" when met with certain situations. As Alex proceeded with the reading, I felt like saying, "I can't believe it!", but couldn't, because I did indeed believe it, and quickly realized that I had crossed paths with an especially remarkable soul. She delivered countless messages from my father that flooded my body with pure love and joy. We covered quite a bit in the reading and the time spent with her revitalized my soul. I typically go into things with minimal expectation, so to witness and experience her gift was literally life changing and the healing gained as a result was more than anything I could have asked for. Alex March is a shining light in a world that can seem utterly dim. She truly has an innate calling to help and heal, allowing others to be the shining light in their own lives. I would highly recommend her in a heartbeat. What I truly appreciate about her is the fact that she is REAL. She has done the work to be where she is today. She is here to help propel this planet forward in a new and meaningful way and in sharing her gift, she is showing us that we too can make this world a much better place. " –Valerie

"From the moment my interaction with Alex began via inquiring through e-mail, she was incredibly responsive and enthusiastic. She made me feel comfortable and “at home” from the beginning of the process. I felt very safe. Once we connected face to face, it was like she was immediately tuned into EVERYTHING. She knew instantly that there was a female energy present (my dog that had just passed away two months ago), and from there it just kept flowing. She knew details about MY LIFE that she would have no way of knowing unless she was truly gifted and tuned into parts of herself and aspects/entities not of this world. We spent about two hours channeling, diving into reiki, meditating/releasing old programming, and even discussing practical lifestyle things – such as diet, exercise, mental health, spirituality, etc.  Last, but not least – I left our interaction feeling EMPOWERED.  She reminded me of gifts I already knew I had but have questioned within myself for years. She only helped confirm that I am right where I need to be. I feel so clear as I move forward on my path at this current moment in time and a lot of it is because of my recent session with Alex. I plan on continuing to consult with Alex for spiritual coaching, reiki, channeling, and many of her other services she offers. If you are looking to TRULY HEAL – you can not go wrong with Alex. The experience with her felt UNREAL at first (like as in I had to keep pinching myself) – but then as I settled into it, I knew this was happening for divine reason. I feel very blessed to have connected with her and have her as a part of my life!" –Katie

"I had the pleasure of meeting Alex March at my job two weeks ago. I work in a small restaurant in Red Bank and her and her friend were my customers. Like always I love making small talk with people and she was no different. Somehow it came up that she does Reiki and when I showed interest she mentioned that she is also a medium. She then proceeded to read me and having never met me prior was very accurate!!!! I was pretty much speechless. She knew things that there was no way she could have known. Physical ailments that were plaguing me , relationship issues that she was spot on , and contacting my deceased grandmother . Her energy was amazing and I felt such a connection to her. I am currently in the process of booking an appointment with her . I've been to many psychics and I will say that in the short time I spoke with her , she is the real deal ."–Stacey

"I just wanted to say thank you again, you are truly so reading with you such an eye opener, I feel like I was pretty quiet throughout it but that's only because I was in such awe at how amazing everything you said felt to me. It's like you dug into my soul and opened up doors I didn't even know where there and then explained why they were locked. If that makes The fact that you knew in depth so much about my life and my family by just seeing my face through a screen was so mind blowing. You took a huge weight off my shoulders, things make much more's such a peaceful almost indescribable feeling that I had afterwards and I want to do another one after a reiki session with you. I really think God knew how lost I felt and needed healing and put you in my path for that reason. Idgaf what anybody says, what you do is beautiful💜💜" –Anonymous

"Alex, It was both an honor and a blessing to have a reading done by you. Going into it, i didn't know what to expect. I was nervous, excited and maybe even a tiny bit skeptical just because there are so many fakes. But i was instantly calmed by you and very soon after my belief in you was all worth it. I never would have expected to be able to talk to so many of my departed loved ones. And you absolutely showed me their characters in your body language and in your way of communicating their words. I thought i was going to cry a lot but i had an overwhelming sense of happiness and was so calm. Because of your reading, my soul was able to heal. I was able to let go of so much grief that i had been carrying around. I've been on top of the world since your reading. Not only do i know that my loved ones are okay, but i know they're with me all the time. And i got to learn about myself and how i can be a better version of me and how there's so much more to come that will be even better. You answered so many of the questions i had, laid to rest so many of my worries, and gave me so much to continue to look forward to. Words could never express the gratitude i have for you and your work. You drain yourself to help other people and that's so admirable. You have changed my life and i appreciate you so much for giving me your time, effort and energy so that i could heal. You are an absolutely wonderful person and i hope you know that you make such a huge difference in people's lives. I cant thank you enough and i look forward to a reiki or quantum healing session with you. "–Bianca 

"Alex is far beyond what words can explain. She is fearless and loving in relaying healing messages that put to sleep old wounds or grief. During her readings, she not only balances multiple realms at once, but will answer any of your questions, enrich your thinking, and send healing to your mind body and soul all while cracking a joke to make you feel comfortable. Unapologetically herself, Alex models that we can conquer anything, be our highest version of ourself, and still be comfortable in our skin." –V.R.