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Medium, Physical/ emotional Empath, Reader,Medical intuitive, Channel of vibrational realm, Akashic records specialist, Quantum Soul healing, Intuitive Diagnostic of Emotional and Physical Issues.

The way I feel reading should be is how I read. I believe in using every method possible to heal someone on any level. Spirit comes through to heal you with loving messages, issues from childhood may come up to heal where you've began perceiving life a different way and its robbing you of a genuine loving life, or maybe you're forced to live with anxiety because you don't know where it stems. Thats where someone like me comes in. I get to the root of everything, every issue. I am painful, I am tough. I say things that are hard to hear, but its for your highest good possible to bring you back to love. Sometimes simple chakra work is like putting a bandaid on a shark bite. I believe in healing that shark bite so deeply you forgot it ever happened. This is my life's work, and thank you for your interest with me. I DO NOT sugar coat anything in this work. I schedule everything intuitive based.

READINGS are solely done on Skype or FaceTime. I cannot physically handle other locations.

I don't do more than one reading a day. I am severely empathic and that is how I feel, see, heal and channel, my body is my vessel of information and make sure I am fully 100% for someone, and if I did another reading couldn't be. Reading are very rough on my body, but the most amazing way to heal people! The only tools used are my physical body and mind. My body is a conduit of your energy, guides and sources information. Please be aware sometimes I do have to reschedule if my own body isn't 100%.

I refuse to ever half ass someones reading. Sometimes readings will be pushed for months at a time because YOUR team knows it’s not the right time. My readings are generally split in two sessions, I will first diagnose, talk to spirit, guides, angels etc. We will discover your trauma, your souls voice and get ready for your healing. I will then generally give tools . I believe in creating empowered people, not making them dependent on me. I will then give a date maybe a month or two later to go over the releasing thats taken place and do a check up. Some readings will not be split if I feel 100% certain it does not need to be. Schedule a reading at your own discretion with fully understanding there are no refunds however I am fully open to rescheduling. Iam fully aware life comes up and we're all doing the best we can! I do not offer refunds unless I feel I am to blame for a situation coming up. This is self employment and my life, I do not get paid days off, vacation, sick days or benefits. Scheduling a day is an entire day dedicated to your reading.

I find the triggered emotional issue that has started what is happening in your life now. I do reiki and much quantum healing with everyone. Whether we do a soul retrieval, inner child healing etc. You will not leave the reading and not be healed. I ask for spirit angels and your guides to give me everything for you, while on the path you're leading. I find it hard to call it a reading as well, when it’s more of an experience of pure quantum spiritual healing.

I generally have no say in what happens and what comes through, but it will be a balance of everything to guide you along your path and help you heal. Your guides and soul are going to have what you need to heal come out. There are no quick fixes or short cuts in this work.