Full Reading - 2 Sessions

Full Reading - 2 Sessions


Email AlexMarchHealing777@yahoo.com to schedule your session.

A full reading is a 2 part session where I read everything possible about you, give you tools to evolve and have a follow up second part. I channel spirit, animal spirit, physically empath your body, can channel those in comas and or hospice like states, your emotional issues, romantic issues, traumatic issues and all things you need to let go of and be able to move on as a happier person.

Please note, I schedule readings based off intuitive timing for the person who’s path I am attuned to, it may take a few months but based off my large clientele and reviews from clients all over the world, the timing was always exactly on time. I do not believe in wasting someones time or money.

When purchasing with me, understand, I schedule based off your souls path and timing, I will NOT go against the timing i’m being guided for. There are no refunds, as you purchase a reading with me you are creating a soul contract of guided help.

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